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Sexy Magical Fantasy Reads

By now you have been in contact with me by Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It has been a little uphill road trying to build the site, write my novel and keep in touch with all of my people. Yes, i've got people! So the world of writing has been a little demanding. Now I have set my writing world in motion and I've found that it's quite amusing. First, Twitter is a hoot. everyone post what they feel or think. This creates an atmosphere of opinions that are funny or aggressive and somewhere in between. I love it. My instagram page gets silly and quite busy sometimes.

Lately I've been building an arsenal of writers and narrators that is too large to carry around, I have to share with the world. I believe that I have a grasp on what makes a great read and I freely share my experiences with each novel that I read and always hoping for the book to be in audio form. This is important to me because I can garden, clean my house or do laundry, all while being read to. If you feel that you are a paper toucher, (like my mom) you will always buy the paper or hardcover books. She has never listened to any of the audiobooks that I've purchased for her, and feel the need to tell me she has no time to read. SMH. I also have friends that only buy the Kindle versions of books, again I feel that this limits a person's reading experience. So some of my senior readers have let me instruct them on how to download the audio version on a few of the books that they have purchased on kindle. This always feels like I've won the world's tiniest battle, for sure.

Do you feel like you want more, but don't know what style you are looking for. Not a problem, send me a note and I will give you Writers, Narrators or Books that you might have never considered.

Want a sexy man to get you into a great read. First you must figure where in time you want to start. Modern slowburn Cowboy story, maybe even a millionaire looking for a good girl. I have many to recomend in both catagories, likeBittersweet (True North, #1) by Sarina Bowen. Sexy and sweet, and got some great hot scenes. Or like the sexy funny novel, Two Weeks Notice, by Whitney G. I've never laughed so much in a sexy novel before.
We have the other Sexy men. That would be the motorcycle guy, (Lawless). Cowboy, Super rich businessman, Illegal businessman,(King (King, #1) Sports star, Club owner and there is always the rich guy pretending to be something else.

And Now we have some of my favorite categories.

Alpha Males in every type. We have Wolves, Dragons, Vampires, Jinni, Tigers, Angels, Lions, Dark Fey and Light Fey, Beautiful Demons, blue aliens, water demons or any sexy man with magic powers

Now we have the other types of romance. Time Travel, Deserted Islands, Steam punk, Zombie Killer, Medieval, Regency, Tudor, Victorian, Edwardian, Western, 20's, 50's all the way to now

Now Lets Start with books that could have you pondering about them days after you've read them.

Here are some writers you might like.

Transcendence Shay Savage

Making Faces Amy Harmond

The Scribe

(Irin Chronicles #1) Elizabeth Hunter

Start with these three and work your way down. I really recommend the audio versions. Especially the Scribe. Zachary Webber is so amazing with his voices. Rob Shapiro is so good ib Making Faces, Super hot and sexy. 18+ for these books

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