Narrators I love, Again

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Now I know that you have heard me talking about the best VO people ever created. The problem with this is there are always new voices to catch your ears, and moves you through the novel. They might be a voice that you never heard of, but the writer took a chance and hired them for this book. So as to take you through the file of my favorite readers, we will start with these amazing people.

1. Rob Shapiro

2. Nicholas Boulton

3. Hollie Jackson

4. My new Fav. Ava Lucas

5. Simon Prebble

6. Zachary Webber

7. Molly Glenmore

8. Clementine Dove

9. Doro Jillings

10. Mason Lloyd

11. Steve West

12. Shane East

13. Roy Dotrice

14. Michael Kramer

15. Kate Reading

16. Prentice Onayemi

17. JD Jackson

Now I know his list is long, but there are so many other narrators I like and haven't named. They have their own style and flow. We should all find time to support by buying at least the upgrade when we buy a Kindle book. Lots of their books have the audio download available. Just something you might want to explore at a future date.

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