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Voice Over Magic

With over 1000 audio books in my Audible collection and hundreds in my Chirp and Authors Direct accounts, I'm always talking about the best VO people ever created. The problem here is the new voices catching your ears. The voice is what moves you through the novel. Ive read several books with the same narrator, only to have a change in the last book or two. It is unsettling to the reader and we never really find out why they choose a different reader. We have to get use to the new one or give up on the series. I gave up on the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. I could not love it anymore. This bashes the narrator for our own selfish reasons. We could put a huge dent on a persons career just buy saying a bunch of negative things about their voice. This might be a voice that you never heard before, and the writer took a chance and hired them for this book. We all love different reading styles. So I will take you through the my selection of favorite readers, we will start with these amazing people.

1. Rob Shapiro (The Ultimate Storyteller)

2. Nicholas Boulton (He Makes Millions of believable Voices)

3. Hollie Jackson (Sexy)

4. My new Faves Ava Lucas and

Sean Crisden (seriously Hot together)

5. Henry Kramer (Super Talented)

6. Zachary Webber (Just love him)

7. Molly Glenmore (Sexy)

8. Clementine Dove (Great energy)

9. Doro Jillings (Nice and flows well)

10. Mason Lloyd (Great Alien)

11. Steve West (is Good)

12. Shane East (Is So Bad)

13. Roy Dotrice (Victorian)

14. Michael Kramer (My Go To Guy)

15. Kate Reading (One Of The Best)

16. Prentice Onayemi (Amazing )

17. JD Jackson (Sultry)

Now I know his list is long, but there are so many other narrators I love and haven't named. They have their own style and flow. We should all find time to support them by buying at least the upgrade when we buy a Kindle book. Lots of their books have the audio download available for a meager buck or two. Just something you might want to explore at a future date. Put on you audio book and let the Storyteller entertain you.

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