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Talk To Me, Getting Into Audiobooks

My collection varies from a selection of distinct voices, but you will find that I have tons of novels using the same names. What I mean is I will buy any book read by Rob Shapiro, Zachary Webber or Nicholas Boulton. I have my favorite Ladies also and lately, I found a new Lady, but we will get to her later. Hollie Jackson Is my favorite down to earth voice, then there is my fast pace Vanessa Moyen, full of energy and spins the story just the right way for the teen to YA book well. It's important that the voice in your head sounds like a voice you would hear, or you will get distracted and stop the book, sometimes forever. I hate the DNF reviewer. Even when it's not my style, I finish.

If the books are fast pace, it's important that the narrator can keep up with the pace of the book and hype you up when the scene requires it. A really good example of the audiobook hype man is Simon Prebble. The books he read for Stephanie Laurens were amazing, he really made the steamy scenes simmer. You could see why he was used in the whole Cynster Series. But that's the same with Nicolas Boulton and his Affair with Laura Kingsale's books. For me he's Flawless. He made me want a medieval to regency man. I am Still in love with Ruck d’Angleterre , A knight without a cause. From the book For My lady's Heart. When he told the lady Melanthe that she was lickerish and began to explain the ways a man could lust, I was in book love!

My new found lovely ladies' voices are Ava Lucas and Clementine Dove. I happened upon Ava on my Twitter page when I said something about a sexy male voice. she started to follow me and I always follow back. Ava told me about a new release she was narrating and I gave it my "#TheFirstThirtyMinutes" Challenge. Just to see if it could hold my attention in the first 30 minutes of listening to it. Holy whatever! This was one of the best alien romance books I've ever heard, It's Alpha Breeds by Milana Jacks. The Alpha Horde series. Gteat start to any of Milana Jacks books. Super funny in the female's POV and so erotic when they finally figure out they like each other. The other was His To Claim By Taylor Vaughn, Eve Vaughn, and Theodora Taylor. Great world-building. The new solar system was super flawed and the strong ladies attached to leading parts of the books were fantastic in their parts in getting some changes and order to the relocated human race. loved this series and can't wait to see what else these ladies are going to release.

This can only get better for me. Im reading a novel called Between Two Fires by Christopher Buehlman. This book took you on a journey to get to Avignon France, with a plague running rampant. The most bleak world I could imagine. If the world could end in the 14th century. This could be how it happened. I was emotionally shaken. Check with me again , there's more to come!

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