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With the fall equinox having passed and the winter solstice upon us, I’d like to introduce you to a few new books I’ve had the pleasure to read. These Two books I’ve actually done my own personal campaign, letting my friends know that these books were out there. One of the books that I‘ve had the delight to read was The Rage of Dragons (The Burning, #1) by Evan Winter. This is one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read. The first 15 minutes I was completely and totally captured by the haunting and amazing voice of narrator, Prentice Onayemi. I had over 19,000 people waiting to here my next progressive entry on Twitter and Instagram. This actually took me three days in 1 hour Increments to post my progress. Absolutely the Best magic fantasy writing I’ve read in years. You could take all the best warrior training like

the movie 300 and war battles like GOT Battle of the bastards, and this book nailed it without the visuals. To those who haven't read it, it's a must read before this year is over. The next is by my favorite writer Amy Harmon. The First Girl Child by Amy Harmon. Imagine someone telling you a tale, one so strong you are submerged in all it's splendor. That's this novel. This is a Viking/ Norse type book, but you get the magic elements along with so much love. The love comes in many ways, family love, mothers love, forbidden love, and the love from a innocent. This book I read in audio form and the storytelling was by Rob Shapiro. Soul moving and a book you will definitely re-read. Next there is The Curse of Raven's Rose Keep #TheFirstThirtyMinutes challenge from my Twitter and Instagram for this novel produced writing done in a unique way that it added the POV of 2 people who would inevitably crash into each other’s lives. Changing and molding the world around them. It passed my first thirty minutes and had me awake and reading until about 2AM. I’ve arrived at apart where the doctor has to get to his office to stop the coming of something gruesome. There are enraged villagers, stinky hidden rooms, insistent doctors, beautiful woman of intrigue, a Lord in a castle, ⚔️ sword work, Wolves and everything that make a fantasy read fantastic. I will recommend this book to my audience for my Adult Storytime events. They will definitely buy this. Did I mention a castle? These are books i've read and really liked. Try them all you will never regret it.

My favorite romance writers and why.

Amy Harmon, She can really tell a story that feels like it has included you into the story as a character. I feel so engrossed in every book of hers that i've read. I have found myself crying and laughing all through the novel. One of the best writers in my lifetime. In light of September 11 , I recommend everyone read or re-read her novel Making Faces. It will gi you pause and mak us understand the feeling of loosing, loss, and concurring your fears. I cry every time I read this novel. Absolutely amazing writing.

Ruby Dixon, when I want to read a supreme sexy book about a other than human male, she never lets me down. Steamy dragons, aliens and guys with more than two hands. Yup, she went there, and I liked it.

Taylor Vaughn, His to claim and the follow up His to steal anre pretty good contenders to the books by Ruby Dixon. You’ve got colorful aliens, culture differences and mix in some love. Very good mixture for the alien loving reader.

May Sage, she does magic guys and gals very well. she also great at galaxy world building. So sexy scifi? I will always buy her books, because she keeps her couples going for many books and you love that about a writer, right? And now I’d like to add another great alien writer Taylor Vaughn

Grace Draven, I love the way she weaves the characters. She builds a love that you can almost feel. She makes the story grow until you are almost holding your breath in anticipation of the two you have been with throughout the story. You give hope when you feel them failing. You find yourself fighting with your favorite couple. She is a great story mixologist. Now I’m waiting on her next book, patiently.

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