What is wrong with social media civility.

It drives me crazy when I take all the time in the world to make this perfect post, and I accidentally delete it, now I can’t remember what I said. And Now I have to make a totally different entry, And I get lost trying to remember what the heck direction I was going in the first place. When all I really wanted to do was quote the narrator I had just interviewed. Sooooo sucks! I am a polite posting person. I want to please as well as entertain my followers. So I stay true to the person I really am. I read other's books and give my honest reviews. I've seen reviews that came from a person who really doesn't like we will say the Sexy office Wolf type book. She will go on to kill the writer's creativity when she just doesn't like those styles of books. Stay away from them, You're only needing to vent because you lost your boyfriend to a woman in his office. So now you hate these books, I'm Just saying. don't buy that book just to have something to complain about, go for the Amish romance instead.

I read because I don't always like the narrator. I will point this out by saying I liked the Kindle better. I never want to blast some on social media when it might only bother me. Plus that's the way this person makes a living. They could lose future jobs because someone puts them on blast and says " The narrator was annoying" Just read the book instead. We will feel less conflicted to buy without the harsh social media slurs. I'm just saying!

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