This is a way of helping anyone that wants to read romance, but doesn't want to put on a trench coat and hat to hide down the romance Isle, knocking over trash cans and getting low, just to buy a book. It's so hard to think you've found the right book, only for that helpful sales person to come there and say "I can help you, if you let me know what your'e looking for". Really? You just throw the book back and think " I really didn't need that book anyway and buy a cookbook for vegans. SMH.

Here I can tell you what I bought and really liked. Save your time and money. Those photos on the cover don't really have nothing to do with the book.  And some of the books are really good but they have really bad narrators. Go Figure. So Give my books a try. I have my favorite writers, But I always try a new writer just to see how they deliver the story or is it just a book to make them a fast buck. You know, a lot of sex and the characters were dim.  Thanks for stopping in and please feel free to join my mail list. You wont be sorry. Happy reading!

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