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Audio Books Narrators I Love

Now speaking of the narrators, I’d like to introduce you to the first male narrator voice that I thought was incredibles . Michael Kramer. I believe the book that I listened to, was James Patterson, Along came a spider. I was so engrossed in the stuff that was going on in that book that I could not put it down. It was in a CD form, and I had a new car with a CD player. I was in love! Now the complicated part was that I had to take all these disks with me and protect them from strange hands and people scratching or putting smudges on them . And I still have them today. Now they have so many books with Michael Kramer. I will give you a small list of my favorites, Any James Patterson books, everything he’s done with Brandon Sanderson, The wheel of Time series (13 books), and a few books by V. E. Schwab. the Grace of Kings By Ken Liu, A Shadow of What Was Lost By James Islington. I purchased audiobooks just because he narrated them. I believe I could go on for a whole day naming off all his books (over 100). Like Nicholas Boulton, Michael Kramer has a way of being the whole theater by himself. Take a test drive on any of his books, but try to starting with one like, The way of Kings and go on from there. Oh, and by the way, Michael Kramer also narrates with Kate Reading, A real bonus that!

Nicholas Boulton

The Most wonderful voice that I have ever heard

I will buy anything that he has his voice attached to. He has a way of making you feel that you are the only one he is speaking to. So seductive and haunting. OMG. The book For My Ladies Heart by Laura Kinsale. I was so in love with Ruck d’Angleterre, a Knight with more honor than any man on earth. Nick made me fall in love with this Knight. I listened until I fell asleep while reading it. Also he killed the need for any other man's voice, when he read Elizabeth Kingstons The King's Man. Just be ready for a good story and a book you will talk about forever. Follow Nick as he wraps his voice around your mind. He has narrated for Laura Kinsale, Elizabeth Kingston, Susanna Malcolm, Alexis hall And many more. Yes he is the Ticket. Buy the audio in anything he narrates, you won't be disappointed.

I will Post more soon, I just need to share all of the best of romance with all seeking a really good sexy Book

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